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Tourism supplement our economy and also represents our culture and environment.

Our company encourages community participation in decision-making but avoid the pitfall of economic imperatives. We limit tourism development targets to what is desirable, not what is feasible.

We pursue an active planning and protect nature with careful land management, nature reserves for valuable eco-systems with guidance advise & where needed the participation of environmentalists in planning. We avoid overdependence on tourism by strengthening agriculture and small-scale trade and try to improve the quality of jobs in tourism. We want our local culture to remain alive and use tourism marketing to promote socially and environmentally responsible behavior.

We believe in promoting tourism which is economically productive, socially responsible and environmentally friendly and encourage interested, considerate and environmentally conscious travel among our clients.

We bear in mind the rights of the local population, and respect local laws and customs. We collaborate with the host population and continuously train our staff. Our advertising must be honest and responsible.

Pledge we are to avoid erotic enticements. Our guides have a responsibility to promote tourism with insight and understanding to our clients. We shall not organize trip to ethnic groups who live apart from our western civilization. The activities of our business associates also must meet the same high environmental and social standards. In our professional associations, we formulate principles encompassing the code & ethics of tourism