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Crocodile Dundee

On this tour we spend a day exploring Goa's picturesque backwaters, spotting river crocodiles and a variety of bird species dotting the river Zuari.

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Akshardham Temple Day Tour

Architecturally, the mandir is an homage to traditional Indian Hindu architecture. It is designed with an eye to the ancient and middle-age medieval Indian treatises on architectural science.

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Cooking Class with Meal in Bajaj Indian Homestay

Staying true to its name, the "Bajaj Indian Home Stay" is really a home away from home. At the Bajaj accommodation you will experience a luxurious Indian home

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Dharavi Slum Tour

On this tour, visitors will see why Dharavi is the heart of small scale industry in Mumbai. Many people know Dharavi as the 'largest slum in Asia', but there is much more to this historic area of Mumbai.

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Mumbai Departures, Daily all year round

Mumbai is a city of paradoxes: the country’s financial nerve centre, it is also a confluence of theatre, art, music and classical dance forms. A city steeped in tradition, with a rich historical past, it is also one, where contemporary, scientific and business enterprise flourish. Mumbai-colourfully vibrant with multi-faceted images - is a busy metropolis, the premier city in Western India.

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