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Golden Temple Tour

At Perfect Travels we offer the best trips in India. We cover capital city Delhi influenced by 1630s Mughal Empire and 1920s British-Rule We travel to the holiest city

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Same Day Agra Excursion

The mighty towers and overwhelming facades instilling fear and awe in the bravest of the brave…….yet there were the few who overcame the daunting adversities and made their mark in history, a signature

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Few places in India are as colourful, charismatic or spiritual as the bathing ghats lining the Ganges in Varanasi. The city of Shiva is one of the holiest places in India, where Hindu pilgrims come to wash away a lifetime of sins in the Ganges or to cremate their loved ones. Varanasi has always been an auspicious place to die, since expiring here offers moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth a...

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Cooking class followed by lunch at Bajaj Indian Home Stay - “A Unique Concept”

Staying true to its name, the Bajaj Indian Home Stay is really a home away from home. At the Bajaj accommodation you will be experiencing a luxurious Indian home, with a hearty Indian environment. Rooms are very clean and quaint. Moreover, the homestay offers a charismatic architecture evident in its intricate decor with shining rich marble flooring, high decorated ceilings, unique luxurious rooms...

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Maharajas’ Express - Treasures Of India

On these journeys visit the world's greatest monument of love-the Taj Mahal, spot the elusive tiger in Ranthambore National Park; soak up the spectacular regal heritage of Rajasthan at Jaipur.

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