Kerala – A land closer to nature

Kerala – A land closer to nature

Kerala is known as God’s own country. Apart from this, it has more than one nickname like Keralam which means land of coconuts due to the abundance of coconut trees. Kerala is also called as Spice Garden of India for it has played a significant role in exporting of spices from 300BCE

Kerala is an all-time favorite destination among tourist. Kerala packages are highly sorted out deals online and offline. You can find people from far and beyond come to Kerala to admire its beauty. Kerala tour packages offers you a wide range of activities for all kind of travelers like backpackers to family trips.

Few suggestions on Kerala holiday packages

Munnar – A hill station in Kerala, 135 km from Cochin. So you can book your flight or bus to Cochin, and from there you can drive to Munnar. Munnar is a must-see destination in Kerala. It’s covered with tea and spice plantations. If you would like to get away from the everyday chaotic life, then this destination is apt. The drive around the hills is true bliss. A couple of nights in Munnar are enough to cover all places; they have waterfalls and viewpoints. You can add a twist to your stay in Munnar by opting for estate stay than a regular hotel or resorts.

Cochin – You have two options to explore this place. As it’s a landing point for Kerala, you can first explore this place and then move to the next destination, or you can book a return ticket from here so that you will get an opportunity to explore this city before you get back to your everyday life. Make a one day trip of Cochin, use local transport and local guide for this.

Alleppey: It’s best to reach Alleppey from Munnar, as its closer. Exploring this place is a lifetime experience. You can opt for a day cruise or stay. A day cruise includes meals, snacks and tea. Use your time on the boat to admire the lake and life on the water. If you are planning to stay on the cruise, then your boat will be anchored near the shore as you cannot drive between 6 PM to 7 AM. From the anchored place, you can enjoy the view of paddy fields, canals and backwater.

Thekkady: From Alleppey, you can plan to either visit Cochin or Thekkady depending on the time available or your itinerary. Thekkady offers a lot of adventurous activities like a wildlife sanctuary, magical musical foundations, elephant bath, tribal dance and spice tour. If you’re in Thekkady do not miss to get an ayurvedic massage, this will not only help you relax but also rejuvenate. The best attraction of Thekaddy is boating along Periyar River; the chance of spotting wild animals is good on your boat ride. Apart from this, you can also do activities like trekking, bamboo rafting, and jeep safari.

These are just a few options for Kerela packages; there are many other places that you can visit in Kerela. Like Waynad, Cherai beaches, Kasargod beaches and much more. Ensure you always carry food and necessities always.

Kerala tour package can be planned based on your preferences and time that would you like to spend. These packages can be booked through a travel agent who will be able to tailor your Kerala tour package based on the activities you enjoy; it’s safer this way. A safe trip is a well sought out trip.

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